Greek Organic Fir Honey "Vasilissa" 250gr (8.81oz)

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Greek raw and rare fir of Vytina honey is a one of a kind ‘raw’ honey harvested only in the fir tree forest of mountain.
High quality 100 % pure Organic honey with delicate aroma and exceptional taste, produced and certified according to the standards of organic agriculture from wild herbs in the mountains of Greece
Packaged without heat treatment
The E.U. has recognized its authenticity and unique origin declaring it as a Product of Designated Origin.
It is a very thick, creamy honey with a pearlescent effect.

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The Organic "Vasilissa Fir Honey" is collected by the bees in the lush fir forests of Mount Mainalo in Arcadia, Peloponnese in Greece at 2000m of altitude. There, where nature shows her greatness, the bees carefully pick the fir trees and a variety of mountainous herbs creating thus; the unique in the world “Vanilla Fir” honey of gold and pearl shades. 
It is the first honey that has been officially recognized as a product of Protected Designation of Origin. It is not only unique but it is low on sugar; the taste is sweetish and its texture does not crystallize. The nutritional and biological values are very high because it is rich in minerals and holds antiseptic, diuretic and antianemia properties.